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All in One H7 Led Headlight 50W 10000LM 6200K Super Bright LED Car Head Lamp

NO. LS-H7W-CSP-5000LM-Q7
All-in-one Led Headlight Q7 Series Features:
1) Wireless all-in-one fan cooling style,1:1 design as halogen, easy installation, no need replace dust cover, just plug and play!
2) Built-in EMC, strong anti-radio interference.
3) Built-in high precise intelligent automatic thermostatic constant current IC Driver,non polarity, non-destructive installation.
4) Customized auto grade CSP chips, super bright, strong penetrability, high light focused, low consumption.
5) 2.5 times brighter than halogen bulb!
6) Perfect standard light cutoff pattern, light focused for both non projector lens and projector lens.
7) Leishen owned new design with patent certificate.

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