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Best led headlight kit

NO. LS-9005W-CSP-6000LM-Q1
1.BONUS CAPACITORS for flicker-free performance. 2.Smoother Installation 3.High light efficiency. high power. the luminous surface can be slightly compressed and stressed. 4.Use copper substrate of thermoelectric separation to dissipate heat, the power of evry single chip could be very large.

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Product Information

Best led headlight kit description:

Item Name:Extremely Bright Conversion Kit ,fog lightLED Chip:Seoul 1860

Car Model:automotive bulb,auto bulb ,automotive led ,auto led Voltage:DC12V-24V

Color:6000-6500k                                                        Application:car headlight

Power:60W                                                                        Certification:CE,ROHS

Lumen:6000lm                                                                Warranty:1 year

Waterproof:IP68                                                                Factory:Leishen 

Material:aluminium alloy                                                Working Life:50,000hours

Model Number:H4/H1/H3/H7/H8/H9/H10/H11 /H16JP /H16(EU)/PSX24,P13/ PSX26/9005/HB3/9006/HB4Fob Port:Zhongshan

Best led headlight kit same with the halogen light light shap.png

Best led headlight kit definition


2. Brightness

Brightness is a measure of how much light a bulb produces and it's measured in Lumens. This intensity of LED bulbs ranges from 6,000 Lumens for entry-level LEDs, all the way to 10,000 Lumens for the high-intensity models.

You should note that a 6,000-Lumen headlight produces enough light for most forms of driving, with a clear sight up to 500 meters in a straight line. You should only opt for the higher-intensity models if you have a serious reason for that.

3.Color Temperature

Different bulbs produce lights with different tints, which either make the light appear cooler or warmer. The warmer lights are friendlier to the eyes. You can use them for extended periods without getting eye fatigue, but they're not very bright.

This has led to different manufacturers offering a range of lights in different color temperatures, enabling you to choose the one that best fits you. These three color ranges are as follows:

Warm (2,700 K - 3,500 K): Bulbs with this color temperature range are normally not used in car headlights but they are often used for fog lights.

Bright (3,500 K - 5,000 K): This color range is brighter than the warm range and allows you to see further as well. However, they have little blue tint and so do not cause eye strain after prolonged use.

Super Bright (Above 5,000 K): Light bulbs in this range are very bright and provide the longest and widest views but their blue tints often cause eye strain after prolonged use.

4. Lifespan

LED bulb lifespans have improved over the years, with modern LED bulbs lasting up to 30,000 hours and others even up to 50,000 hours.

Both the 30,000 and 50,000-hour models are more than enough for most car drivers because it means you won't need to change the headlights of your car for years to come.

5. Warranty

Most LED headlight bulb manufacturers offer a 1 year warranty on their bulbs while, but our Leishen offer up to 2-year warranties.

When you need to decide between two bulbs and every other thing is equal, then the one with the longer warranty should get the vote.

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