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9005 Auto LED Light Bulb Replacement

NO. LS-9005W-EP-30W-F1
Auto LED Light Bulb Replacement
1.Integrated aviation aluminum housing
2.Super heat and corrosion resistance
3.No magnetic and anti-interference
4.Beautiful appearance
5.The product comes wiht light reflextion effect

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Product Information


Auto LED Light Bulb Replacementimage.png

High Power EP chips

Auto LED Light Bulb Replacement


Heat Radiating Aluminum

Auto LED Light Bulb Replacement


Quality components ensure safety and reliability



Q: Are the radio interference ?

Yeah, if purchasing demand, welcome inquiry.

Q: How to process your Quality Control?

All products must go through five checks before manufacturcing process

Revelant material check before production

Full check after every individual process finished

Full check after production half-done

Spots check after production packed before shipping

Q: What about Guarantee?

Customer's interestes can be full guaranteed

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